Welcome to Dr Charles’ blog

Welcome to Dr Charles’ Blog, a space for writing about GPland where I spend my working day, and for putting down in print some of the explanations and observations that I make in consultations. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Thanks to those who have given help and advice in setting it up, particularly Dr John Weiner, at Allergy Net, Australia, who kindly allowed me to use material from some of his pages here.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Dr Charles’ blog

  1. Interesting blog! Too bad there is no commenting allowed for each blog post for people to leave feedback. One-eay streets are terribly boring!

    • chazzai says:

      Hi Annelie, Thanks for the comment, and I do take your point. I’ve been thinking of changing it, but haven’t as I use this blog mainly to link to from my Facebook page, where comments, of course, abound. Can I ask how you found the blog? I’m interested as if many people are coming here without clicking on a link I provided on FB, then yes, I really do need to think about expanding my social media interactions with comments here too.

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