Antibiotics should be called Antibacterials: Infection

Infection is another word (like ‘flu,’ ‘vertigo’ and ‘shock’) with slightly different meanings inside and outside the medical world. Just like with a computer virus (that you might not even know is in the machine), all the term infection means is that the germ (be it a virus or a bacteria) is where you don’t want it and causing some sort of adverse issue that wouldn’t be happening were that germ not there. All kinds of germs can cause infections, and the word ‘infection,’ when used in the medical world, carries no implication of severity or effect. So a rhinovirus giving a cold is causing an infection, the HIV virus sitting quietly in the body, not necessarily causing problems, but still able to be spread is causing an infection, and bacteria overrunning the tonsils causing a severe sore throat is also an infection. Infection just means ‘unwanted germ present.’

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