A Peek Behind the Curtain

Apologies for the recent paucity of posts and blogs. You see, from a work perspective things went a little quiet after the end of January for me. I suppose it was to be expected, but arriving home after such a profound and intense experience as working in the Ebola Treatment Centre turned out to be a bit weird.

Once I had got my work boots back on I found little to post about that didn’t seem a bit of an anticlimax from the dizzy heights of the ETC.

Well ladies and gentlemen, dust off your Taylor Swift collection, because I have an announcement….

I’m going back. Are you really that surprised? I won’t be doing any clinical work, but will be helping with the backstage stuff – the coordination of medical teams and links with Sierra Leonean services.

So let the blogs recommence! I hope to have time to describe the back-stage operations, and explain the various cogs and gears in the huge machine that is a global public health response.

I’m in Geneva right now, then it’s back to Freetown mid next week.

Stay tuned!

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