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Choices and Brands

I have often wondered about the power of packaging. OK, so I accept that having consistent brand and image associated with a product is important for recognition and identity, and that often people buy into a brand more than the … Continue reading

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My Explanation of Diabetes

This post is another of the explanations you might hear on any day in room 11. It is about diabetes, what it is and why we go on about it. One of the problems about diabetes is that there is … Continue reading

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How to Stay Healthy on Holiday

In the last few days travel medicine has been in the news twice. Firstly a Sydney Morning herald article discussed how few people speak to their doctor prior to going overseas, then at the weekend there was a report in … Continue reading

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The Sleep Rule

It’s what I base my practice on. It’s really important. It works for patients and doctors (and everyone else). And I made it up (with a bit of help). “If anyone will sleep better having taken the next step in … Continue reading

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Opening Lines

As anyone who has come to see Dr Charles will know, the first question you will hear from me is “What can I do for you?” It’s almost automatic, a security blanket of a question that comes out even when … Continue reading

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How Vaccines Work

Medical students who sit in with me hear the same things over and over. It’s true that I have a few set lines and spiels that I find trusty and reliable and flow off my tongue several times a day. … Continue reading

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Welcome to Dr Charles’ blog

Welcome to Dr Charles’ Blog, a space for writing about GPland where I spend my working day, and for putting down in print some of the explanations and observations that I make in consultations. I hope you enjoy reading it. … Continue reading

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